Thursday, 19 July 2012

The 2 Month Review

Wow, my baby Palmoino Espresso is 2 months old. Time flys!!

Firstly a huge thank you to all our lovely customers. Opening on York Street in the city I never expected to feel such a sense of community with the workers near by. Its been great getting to know you all, learning the coffee orders (slowly) and generally beginning to feel like we're part of the area. Thank you for supporting us, it makes getting up at 3am to bake all worth while!

Other exciting developments since we opened are the start of our coffee tastings on Tuesday afternoons. They've been running these past couple of weeks with customers sampling the cold drip, pour overs and we've even got the antique lever machine running which has been a huge hit. Don't forget to pop in next Tuesday 2-3pm to try something new from our caffeine menu.

You also may have noticed our new menu boards, wohoo!! I've uploaded a couple of photos of us making and installing below. It was quite an amusing / stressful day..... learning on the job for sure, another DIY success me thinks. 

Anyho now that life is a little more routine, I will attempt to be more regular with the blog posts.... attempt :)
Tony looking serious using the lever on Ol Queenie

Charlie looking scary cutting up the menu boards

Me looking stupid trying to hold the boards straight

and the nearly finished menus :)